Rousham Gardens, Oxfordshire

For a whole year this garden has been on my wish list to visit and I nearly didn’t make it today. The morning started out with some fairly heavy rain but after going to to photograph a commission the rain stopped and I headed off up the motorway. Rousham Gardens are situated not far from Bicester, Oxfordshire.

When I arrived at Rousham there was no one about so I purchased my ticket and made my way to the gardens. I was greeted with an oval lawn and a few lovely cockerels strutting about and crowing. I walked past them and round the corner where I was greeted with a massive box hedge and a tiny hole leading to an iron gate. I love things like this, it’s so Alice in Wonderland and it really captures my imagination.

Sometimes I can get quite emotional when I visit a garden for the first time, especially if I am the only one to experience it and can take in all the sights and sounds without being disturbed. I like to have a walk round first to see what views there are and what I want to start taking pictures of. Generally I get a bit excited and want to swap madly between lenses. I know there should be method – I’m working on controlling my over excitement!

There was a lovely walled garden with two walkways, one filled with apple trees which were in full blossom and another with a mixed border. I’ll be interested to see how that develops over the summer months. In the middle of the garden was a wooden pergola leading to a fountain which was sadly but understandably covered with a wooden frame to keep out the herons.

Leading out from this was a walkway which went to the knot garden. I’ve seen pictures of this online before but none did it justice. It was stunningly beautiful with a huge dovecote in the middle and a sundial amongst the knots. These are all planted with roses so not yet in bloom, I will go back to see them when they are.

There is also a vegetable garden at the bottom and a hothouse which was beautifully surrounded by planted tulip pots. I also saw my first peony in bloom for this year. And this is where I apparently missed another huge part of the garden with a folly and cascades so I’ll definitely be paying it another visit.  I hope you enjoy these photographs, for more information visit their website.


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