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Architectural photography
Architecture & Interior Design Photography

Artfully showcasing indoor spaces, highlighting design, decor, ambiance, and the interplay of light and texture within.

Commercial Interior Photography
Commercial Interior Photography

Interiors of commercial locations such as offices, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. The photography showcases the design, ambiance, and functionality of these spaces.

Landscape architecture photography
Exterior Photography

Capturing the artful design of outdoor spaces, blending natural and man-made elements in harmonious compositions.

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Videography Services

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Welcome to Alexandra J. Davies Photography, your destination for interior design photography services. I’m Alex, a  freelance interior design photographer based in Oxfordshire. Specialising in interior photography, I collaborate closely with architects, interior designers, builders, and construction companies, providing them with exceptional photographic content. My services are also sought after by small to medium-sized businesses, including joiners and kitchen designers, to enhance their visual branding.

As a professional in interior design photography, my aim is to create captivating imagery that helps your business stand out, attract more clients, and showcase your work in the best light. My passion for interior design photography is matched by my dedication to working with creative individuals and businesses. I strive to capture the essence of your designs, fostering a productive partnership while delivering outstanding service.

Understanding that each project is unique, my pricing is tailored to meet your specific interior photography needs. I also offer prompt turnaround times ensuring you aren’t waiting weeks for your images. I welcome a variety of projects, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive portfolio. To explore my latest interior design photography projects and gain insights into my style and approach, please visit my portfolio pages or browse the recent work in the projects section.

Based in South Oxfordshire, my interior photography services extend to the surrounding counties, the Cotswolds, London, and beyond. For any interior photography inquiries, please use the contact form or reach out to me at


  • Alex has done an amazing job with each project we have given her! She has a great eye for detail and has done wonders with the lighting in the rooms we have given her to shoot. It doesn’t matter the style or the light in the room – each project’s shoot has come out better than we could have hoped. Behind the scenes, she is also fun to work with, and flexible and the communication has been great. Her business and work process has been effective and professional so we look forward to an ongoing relationship.

    Gina Everett
    Interior Designer | Create Perfect

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