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The new year is a great time to start planning your goals, even in this uncertain time. If you have an Airbnb or a holiday let, chances are your revenue has been down for the last year. Why not kick start 2021 with a fresh set of photographs to boost your listing?

If you’re having a professional Airbnb photography shoot, here’s a few tips to help you on your way to a successful shoot.

  • Prepare a brief for your photographer – highlight the best parts of your property and let the photographer know what you want to capture. It doesn’t have to be an essay, just a few pointers.

  • Spring clean & repair – if there are any niggles that need sorting – chipped paint, stains on carpets or wonky pictures, its a good idea to have all these sorted before your shoot.

  • De-clutter – rooms look better with less clutter so ensure you have storage space for items you want to keep but not on display and remember less is more.
  • Think about quality – frayed towels, mismatched bedding or soft furnishings won’t look good on images,

  • Check your light bulbs are all functioning – although many photographers prefer to use natural light, it’s good to know all your lights are working to add an extra bit of warmth and detail into the images.

  • Buy fresh flowers or new house plants – these finishing touches will help to freshen up your images.

  • Tidy up outside spaces – a bit of pruning and trimming helps to make your property more appealing.

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