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It never feels like a good idea when you set your alarm clock for three thirty in the morning, especially at that moment when it goes off but once I’m on my way and I know I’m going to be photographing an amazing garden, the tiredness changes to excitement. We had been checking the forecast for a number of days beforehand but when I met Barbara outside the property in Dulwich at 5.30am it was still dark and the sky was filled with swirling grey cloud instead of the wonderful sunrise which had been promised – great!

As daylight started to come I could finally begin taking photographs of this incredible garden designed by Barbara Samitier. The garden itself is a long narrow plot which Barbara had sectioned into several areas without any feeling of barriers or being disjointed. Nearest to the house was a tiled area which led into the garden. The paths were made of York stone stepping stones and the huge family sitting area is just a wonderful outdoor space. The huge porcelain tiles are by Alhambra and unlike anything I’ve seen before but they look amazing. The giant anglepoise lamp gives a really edgy, modern feel.

Further down the garden there is a BBQ area with it’s own wooden seating and further on still a hidden contemporary seating are with chairs by Solid Soul. The garden is decorated with reclaimed mirrors and old pots which give an eclectic feel.

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