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Last year I was commissioned to photograph a garden and exteriors of a house which had a very interesting and emotional history. The house and the land were going up for sale but it had previously been a family home where all of the children had grown up before the elderly parents died. Naturally they had wonderful memories of playing in the garden and wanted me to capture it for them.

The house stood empty with everything left as it was. Teracotta pots near the greenhouse which once overflowed with homegrown strawberries, fruit canes left to seed, a boat house no longer used, disused children’s play equipment and a workshop left exactly as it was. Here’s just a few shots from this very emotive session.

I’d call this documenting social history photography in Oxfordshire and it’s something I have an absolute passion for. If you have a family home which you’d like to record with photographs, please get in touch.

The old well with clematis
Greenhouse and workshop
social history photography oxfordshire
Teracotta pots left undisturbed
social history photography
Overgrown fruit bushes left to seed
sunrise at the plot
A view of the river
swimming steps to the river
Disused boat house with climbing ivy
Children's play things, long since used
old lamp standards
the workshop
Old tools
The greenhouse again from a different angle
The more formal garden area
social history photography oxfordshire
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